Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trio of Akron plows come to the rescue

It's often said that good things .. and bad things too .. and even jokes .. often come in threes.

Today, it was heroes that came as a trio.

I was watching from our Akron newsroom as a semi driver was helpless trying to come east up the hill on West Market Street approaching the Federal building. By grinding to a halt, he'd backed up traffic past St. Vincent-St. Mary and beyond. Those drivers who did wait to get around the truck found themselves stuck too because they couldn't get any momentum to carry their cars up the hill.

Akron Police worked their absolute tails off to get stuck drivers moving, but it was a lost cause for many of them.
After what seemed like forever, a trio of Akron plow drivers arrived and were greeted as heroes by the stopped drivers. Many honked their horns like it was New Year's eve. Others just applauded out their car windows. It was quite a scene.

The trio pushed through Market Street clearing just enough for many drivers to get around and get going. Not everyone was saved, but it was a great start .. and the semi that was blocking traffic finally got moving.


Anonymous said...

I wish Akron would enforce the parking law when they decieded to issue a parking ban. I believe the cars on the street make it harder for the plow drivers. My street proably wont be plowed because of the cars in the street and we have driveways for the cars.

Anonymous said...

I realize the city is working hard to get our streets cleared, but it's a royal pain to live on a dead end street that doesn't get plowed until a few days after the snow falls. Neighbors are getting their driveways plowed by private companies who plow into the street, then smooth the driveway snow flat up the middle of the street. That causes yet another problem. I saw at least 2 kids out in the neighborhood this morning who should have been in school in Akron, but stayed home, not because they're sick, but because the snow is so deep!

Please enforce the parking ban. When the plows do end up on our street, I'll be ticked if it's a crappy job because there's cars on the street.

Even the UPS truck got stuck here yesterday!