Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Akron flags send wrong message

Scribbles in my notebook ..

I realize the City of Akron is scraping together its pennies right now, but I was a bit miffed at the flags I saw flying over the snow and ice center on Triplett Boulevard. (see photo) The American Flag is tattered something fierce, and the City of Akron flag isn't much better. Maybe I'm a bit more sensitive as an Army veteran, but I really hope someone puts up new ones soon. If it's a cost issue, I'll bet a local citizen or two (or 100) would volunteer a replacement Stars and Stripes soon. I need to take a look around town to see if this is a city-wide problem or just at this location.

I can't seem to go more than three days without doing a story that has a social media element -- blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Makes me wonder how viewers who don't use social media react when they see so many TV stories involving these sources.

I was thrilled to see the city step forward on a deal to keep the All-American Soap Box Derby in town. Yes, I'm biased as a Derby Dad, but I've always believed it's one of the most unique, family-friendly events in the country. One more way to get the city's name out there in a positive light.