Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Channel 3 News at 7 - live from Akron tonight!

Well .. whenever possible's always best to take the show to the story .. and the story today is most certainly the weather.

With Summit County under a snow emergency and all non-essential driving banned, I'll be field anchoring Channel 3 News at 7 from outside our office at 1 S. Main Street in downtown Akron.

Why just talk about Akron snow when we can actually experience it, right?

Carole Sullivan will be live in Cleveland, and we'll tag-team all aspects of the big snow day. I'll have some live guests in Akron.

See ya at 7!


rita stahl said...

What a day this has been! I have been out shoveling my drive for hours(it's about 100 ft long). I must have looked really pathetic with my car stuck (on ice) when 2 guys in a grey truck pull in and plowed my drive. They wouldn't let me pay. The driver said it was too much for a shovel. Bless my snow angels!!!! Can you please thank the 2 guys in Norton in the grey plow who stopped and helped me!!! I am so grateful. There are still good people in this world!

Anonymous said...

finally some Akron news. Shame its only about the weather but hey we never get Akron weather on TV news so its a start.