Monday, February 2, 2009

Odds and Ends on a Monday

Chris Tye has a solid piece coming up tonight at 7 about "Faith and Finance." A great many local churches are finding a calling to educate their leaders on financial counseling. So many families are struggling that the church can make a big impact by helping them meet their needs. I know that at The Chapel and other Akron-area churches, a great many folks are ready to help with financial counseling and resource referrals.

Did anyone else see a Barberton connection in the end zone during the third quarter of the Super Bowl? I haven't had a chance to fight back through the DVR, but I'm told it was pretty clear.

I'm seeing several on-line articles taking President Obama to task for not attending the Heroes Ball, which included more than 40 Medal of Honor winners. Presidents have attended it every four years for a half a century. Some found it very upsetting that Obama did not attend, but others note that Vice President Biden did attend the Heroes Ball and that Obama addressed veterans at several other venues, including dancing with a female service member at one of the ten balls he did attend. A statement from the American Legion says that the group did not feel slighted that Obama didn't make a stop for the heroes. As a veteran, I don't feel slighted either, but for the special MOH winners, it's too bad Obama wasn't able to make the schedule work.

Carole Sullivan is out of town this week so I'll be teaming up with Monica Robins. It's always great to work with Monica, who is so knowledgeable on a great many local issues. The only down side is that she's a Steelers fan (lol) but I'm excited to work with her on Friday, because that's the day that's "Go Red for Women" day and Monica has been leading the newsroom effort to make sure we're all in red that day.


Chris H. said...

Since I tipped you off ... it was more than the 3rd quarter, try the whole game.

It's the Steelers end zone ... down on the lower right by the crossbar when you see a kicker kick.

Looked to me like it said "Steelers fans from Barberton, Ohio" with Barberton in purple.

Front row.

Ed Esposito said...

Man, do you have good eyes@

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Heroes Ball not one of the "official" balls, and President Obama only attended "official" balls?

Jeez, there were only what, 3 or 4 dozen balls going on?

Anonymous said...

Please more blogs on the going ons in Akron. We cant get Akron news so please get it to us in your blog;