Thursday, January 22, 2009

Medical Mart decision puzzling

As the saying goes: "It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

That's a cutesy way of explaining something -- in this case Cleveland's Medical Mart -- that doesn't seem to be quite right no matter how many ways it's put together.

First, collecting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars via a plan that wasn't voted upon by the taxpayers themselves, and then holding meeting after meeting on where to put a project that's seems so unique, no one's quite sure what makes up the perfect location anyway.

What's this all about again?

And then comes today and the decision to put the MM at the Convention Center site in Downtown Cleveland.

Guess that historical marker on the mall near the CC to commemorate Barack Obama's speech to tens of thousands of voters just two days before the election will have to go somewhere else.

MM is going to dramatically redesign the CC.

Already .. many in our newsroom are echoing what the public is saying: that the CC site isn't convenient for those who ride the trains, as well as some other logistics issues.

Still .. how does a $400 million project become so complicated? and if it's this difficult choosing a site, how much more challenging will the actual project become?

I'm hopeful that if the MM becomes a reality that there will eventually be a connection with Akron's future medical corridor along Market Street.

So where are really going with this?



Anonymous said...

We need to concentrate on getting jobs back to northeast OHio. Will this bring jobs-I hope so. Will the Medical Coridor in Akrom-proably. Shame its not jobs for the people laid off from their manufacturing jobs. Bring on the doctors and nurses we already have a shortage of nurses. Maybe they alone can help the economic state of Akron alone.

Ed Esposito said...

Man, is this typical northeast Ohio politics or what? Taxes without a vote from the taxpayers, settling on what is hoped to be a major draw because it is the cheapest alternative and gets local politicos off the hook on what do do with a dying convention center? Welcome to the way business gets done in places where people wonder just what happened to us.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who finds this story boring? I guess I am not smart enough to understand its significance.

Ben said...

Build it or dont.....put it wherever....i am just tired of hearing about this story.

Anonymous said...

I find this to be a very old and boring story also. Find some good news like jobs that are definitly coming. Im tired of being taxed for things that have nothing to do with the common person.

Anonymous said...

Im regretting Mr. Mansfield taking the job in cleveland. We have less Akron news now and he isnt blogging about the happenings in Akron either. Im glad he is working but feel like he has just left Akron high and dry.

Eric Mansfield said...

Dear Anon,
Yeah .. I miss Akron a lot each day, but I'm glad to have the opportunity in Cleveland. Is the level and amount of Akron news suffering? Sure .. but it's suffering across the board. The Beacon Journal has had major cutbacks, so we have less print news, and the other broadcast outlets are cutting back too.
The problem behind Akron not having its own evening newscast goes pretty deep .. and could dominate a whole night to explain .. but it's not something we can easily fix without the FCC helping us out.
WAKR still has quite a news team .. so make sure you visit for some daily news as well ..
I haven't left town .. I still live in Akron . and I'm still involved in the Akron news. Eventually, my time will get more predictable so that I can provide more on the blog too.
Stay in touch .. Eric