Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day .. from the Civic Theater to civic duty

This is one of those news days that's a lot like covering the first 24 hours of Hurricane Katrina -- everywhere you look, there's a new story. There's more than enough witnesses and experts to interview and everyone who was anywhere near the TV today has a story to tell.

I've been putting together a few pieces on Obama and Biden for our news special that begins when NBC finishes its coverage -- maybe as early as 4 p.m. -- but also keeping tabs on the rest of the coverage.

Locally, I'm told there were about 1,200 folks packed into the Civic Theater to watch the Inauguration. A lot of families were in the mix as parents yanked their kids out of class or kept them home.

I checked with the Akron Schools to see if attendance dropped, but a spokeswoman told me that none of the schools reported an absentee rate of 10 percent of higher, which is the benchmark for a big drop. So, at least initially, attendance was in the "normal" range.

The pictures and videos have been streaming in like a hail storm. The technology that was in play during the ceremony provided every angle imaginable.

Carole and I have been tearing through Obama's remarks and trying to get a good grasp of what each of our live reporters -- both locally and from D.C. -- will provide. I think we have a great show ahead!

See ya in a bit .. Eric


Anonymous said...

Inauguration day 2009 streaming in HD on CNN web-site:
watch on CNN
High speed and quality is checked!

Anonymous said...

I had no luck successfully streaming video on CNN or NBC. It was choppy and stopped every five or six seconds. Very disappointing to miss this bit of history. Guess I will have to buy the DVD.

vanillacokehead said...

spent the afternoon in front of the TV in the den watching the inaugural fun - and was posting to Twitter from my smartphone the whole time. Someday I'll get a laptop. :)

Chris Stahl said...

From work at hfa (Hitchcock Fleming & Associates) we started by trying to watch the broadcast on CNN (sorry, it was the best quality) but it still wasn't good enough as it started lagging the closer we got to 11:30. After that, we all packed in to the conference room taking seats in chairs, on the floor, standing along the walls or even in the hall looking over our coworker's shoulders. It was amazing to watch, even with Barack's slip-up during his oath. I kind of groaned at that one.

I think my favorite part was where they were talking about the placement of the House and Senate: (I paraphrase here) "To the left you can see the Senate seating area and then if you look to the right you can see the seating area for the House of Representatives"

...at which point I piped up and said, "And if you look to the FAR right you can see Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh."

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal. Tip your waiter.

Anonymous said...

I cried when Mr. and Mrs Obama danced to "At last." Very moving.