Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teen parents' choices are heartbreaking

I won't soon forget how heartbreaking it felt in our newsroom two weeks ago as we were reporting on a missing infant. The teen parents were being questioned, and we all feared that this would end in foul play. Turns out, we were right. The teen father later told police that he'd placed the child in a dumpster.

These cases are just overwhelming, and they happen far too often. I'm hopeful that the information in Monday night's FOCUS segment will be of good use to local schools and groups that support teens. Do you know of another group out there to support teen parents? If you do .. pass the info along .. there are real lives at stake.

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Anonymous said...

Eric, all of us that work at WIC have seen this happen too many times. We offer support to all of our pregnant and new mothers. Unfortunately it is often the father of the baby or the mom's boyfriend who harms the baby. We don't often see them to offer support. Even when I teach at Pregnancy Care it is only the moms. Maybe your FOCUS will help get the word out that we need to support young men too. I also think we need to educate all teens in high school before they become parents.
Looking forward to watching tonight.
Thanks for all you do!