Friday, January 16, 2009

Boiling water tossed out in the cold .. don't try this at home .. no wait, go ahead!

Well .. if we're going to show you this on TV, why not try it for real?

My sons decided that today's frigid temperatures were perfect to try out what we talked about on the news. Seeing how quick bowling water vaporizes in the frigid temperatures.

I grabbed the flip cam -- this HD model is golden by the way -- to show you what it looks like. Can I just say how impressive it is to see a small amount of water turn in to such a large cloud of vapor?

Safety warning: make sure an adult supervises since boiling water and freezing temperatures each pose their own immediate risks of injury. Be careful!


Anonymous said...

thanks ~~~
that was great!!! i can't wait to do that with my grandkids tomorrow.
it's amaising just how cold it is here in akron

Chris H. said...

What is bowling water? Water specifically plumbed from Stonehedge? :)

Anonymous said...

HEHEHE, only in the Mansfield house (oh and Jenifer's house too)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. I especially liked the way you had to bang on the sliding door to get it open, just like we do.