Friday, August 22, 2008

Parents' child support stories run the gamut

I wasn't surprised by the turnout at today's "Child Support Days" as much as I was by the stories I heard. gamut

Fathers (and yes, mothers too) pleading their life stories to total strangers in hopes of getting their financial lives turned around to a positive end. (photo: parents meeting with case workers during "Child Support Days")

Many were nervous. Make that VERY nervous.

They were worried that they were playing a risky game of real-money Monopoly .. and would be heading directly to jail (do NOT pass "GO") after going through the metal detectors .. and long before they could plead their cases. (Maybe the "child support office" should be a new property on Monopoly?? I mean, who visits the 'electric company' anyway?)

I met a mom who owes $14,000 for her daughter .. but who says she can't afford even the $50 minimum monthly payment because as the widow of a veteran, she only collects enough money each month to pay her rent.

I also met a father who says he fell behind because he had knee surgery and literally couldn't get out of bed to go to work. When his knee heeled, he tried to return to work driving a truck and a snow plow, but found his driver's license suspended for missing child support payments .. which in turn prevented him from being able to work and get caught up.

It's those kinds of vicious circles that were a common theme in parents' stories today.

In all, Summit County has 57,000 open child support cases. Some cases involve parents with more than one child .. so that's a LOT of families involved.

Let's hope Saturday's second day of the program is an opportunity that others take advantage of as well.


Chris H. said...

I hate to do this to you after you linked to my blog ... but man, you lose your producer and your North Hill english comes back out! :)

Your post title should be "running the gamut" ... not the "gambit" ...

I still love ya brother!

Eric Mansfield said...

Ha!!!! You're too quick on this computer!

Obviously, I haven't lost my producer!

That's why I read more news than I write .. you can add that one to my butchering of "social security" and other choice phrases ...

Just remember, on North Hill .. it's a Devil Strip .. and not a tree lawn.

Chris H. said...

You know what I could use right now ... some Rose Wine :)

Chris H. said...
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