Thursday, August 21, 2008

Colleague gives outsider's take on News miscues

Yesterday's media merry-go-round with the Stephanie Tubbs Jones death watch has gotten a lot of web chatter.

Ed Esposito takes the whole industry to task in its rush-to-last-rights ... while my former co-worker, Chris Hyser, offers a rare outsider's view by one who used to be on the inside. Chris spent 11 years at WKYC (and time at WJW and WAKC before that) producing the evening news .. so he's got a good grip on how the process works during big news days.

I'd expect that yesterday's news cycle will become good fodder for college journalism classes to ponder in the days to come. It would be a very good topic for next month's "Ethics and the Internet" seminar at Kent State as well.


Buck said...

I'll touch on it in my classes.

buck said...

Mike Trivisonno and his crew sickened me on their show. Triv defended getting it wrong by saying, "Look, we get it right 99% of the time." That statement is so ignorant. In a sense, he is defending that type of journalistic practice because they are "right 99% of the time."

That "one-percent mistake" was a pretty poor one.

Chris H. said...


Your first mistake was actually listening to Trivisonno! :)

Eric Mansfield said...

I like to think of it as crossing the street in traffic.

You're standing there and Billy, Bobby, Sandy, Mandy, and Danny have all crossed the street .. so does that mean you should?

Or should you trust your own eyes by looking both ways and cross when YOU are sure it's safe?

As for Triv, what can I say .. it's the same argument some said after the media blew Florida in the 2000 election. "Hey, we got 49 states right didn't we?"

Anonymous said...

Of course Esposito can take people to task. All Akron News Now does is steal news from other organizations. They never have to worry about getting misinformation. And if they do, they can just blame someone else. They're a joke.

buck said...

Chris...thanks for letting me know about Triv. If only he could be as asaccurate with news/sports as he is with eating, then he might be something special.

Eric...great call on the election. Good analogy.

The anonymous comment about Ed Esposito sounds like it came from a disgruntled person. Ed manages one of the best news operations in the state and he has the AP hardware to back it up.