Sunday, August 24, 2008

Room service anyone? UA students directed to local hotel

Well .. at least somebody is staying at the Radisson.

With classes set to start tomorrow (Monday), the folks at Zipville had a problem with too many students applying for campus housing .. and not enough rooms! That's even with the additional rooms at the Quaker Hilton.

Well .. at least for now ... campus folks tell me that new students are being parked at the downtown Radisson -- at least until U of A leaders can determine who actually showed up for housing ... and where some extra space might be.

I'd expect shuttles to be available throughout the day to get students from West Mill Street to the main campus and back.

Still .. imagine being a new freshman .. expecting your first fun night in the dorms .. and instead, you're at a local hotel for a few nights with cable TV.

Actually, the more I think about it . .the more it sounds pretty good!

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Ben said...

Hey...not too bad.