Monday, January 7, 2008

Once a Marine, Always a Marine????

I received an email today from the campaign offices of Paul Schiffer notifying the media that Schiffer plans to run for the 16th Congressional seat being vacated by Ralph Regula.

Now .. I don't recall ever meeting Schiffer .. but I find it odd that his emailed release begins with the sentence, "Paul Schiffer is a former U.S. Marine and a lifelong resident of Canton Ohio" but when I click on the biography section of his campaign website, there's no mention of his military service whatsoever. Why is that?

I'm not doubting that Schiffer served in the Marine Corps. I just find it odd that the first bullet point that his P.R. staff wants me to know about him isn't also included (and highlighted for that matter) in his biography.

My first thought was, did Schiffer serve in Iraq? Did we cross paths while in uniform? Yet his bio gives me no clue as to some of the most basic info about the man such as his age or where he went to high school (again, his emailed release says he's a life-long Canton resident). His bio does provide great details about all of the political groups he's worked for and with since 1985 and the topics about which he likes to talk, but that's about it.

I'm sure the other info will all shake out eventually .. and is probably the least of his problems.

For what it's worth, scheduling your first big speech to the press for 7 p.m. (which Schiffer has done for Tuesday night at the 356th Fighter Group) probably isn't going to be a big hit with media. At that hour, our early newscasts are just ending for the evening and the nightside reporters are usually already committed to other stories. Additionally, print and broadcast newsrooms have fewer staff members available in the evenings.

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