Friday, January 4, 2008

"Newsmaker of the Year" airs tonight at 9 p.m.

An annual NewsNight Akron tradition is reborn tonight as we present our "Newsmaker of the Year."

Panelists Jody Miller, Ed Esposito, and Stephen Hoffman join me to look back at who-did-what in 2007 .... to include a few laughs and a few of us biting our tongues.

We had a great time taping the show last week in front of an audience at the Northside Grille.

I can tell you that each panelist (including regular guests Larry States and Phil Trexler) submitted their top 10 (or in Ed's case, 11) and I totaled the list for a final top 10 and a winner. I can tell you that the final vote was very close and that zippy was excluded because he was already on a roll :)

Nine of the top 10 are men, and not all are politicians or business leaders.

The recipient is not a previous recipient but certainly had an historic year.

See ya at 9 on PBS45/49. Eric


Village Green said...

"Nine of the top 10 are men"

Sad. Very sad.

Eric Mansfield said...

Chrissie Hynde made the top 15, but just missed the big list. I was kind of taken aback as well .. but which local women out there have had a year worthy of the nomination? I've since thought of several, but at the time of our vote, they just didn't jump out ..


Anonymous said...

Fear not...two of the past recipients have been women. (Although one was eventually let go from her job and the other divorced the husband she worked to free from jail.)


CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

"Ten of the top 10 are member of the human race."

On behalf of pets everywhere: sad, very sad.

Even ABC noted the passing of Barbaro, and huge jump for the Animal Planet.

Anonymous said...

who was it? I can't get the show to download so I can watch. Thanks,

Eric Mansfield said...

Dr. Luis Proenza .. President of the University of Akron was this year's recipient. The U of A had a monster year with deals for the Quaker Hotel and a new stadium combined with a new dorm on Exchange Street, rising enrollment, and a halt to the major tuition hikes we've seen in recent years.

He edged out Don Plusquellic and Russ Pry by a few votes ..