Friday, December 28, 2007

Mansfield in Mansfield

What are the odds that the two nights I'm working on the Channel 3 News broadcasts in Cleveland, the lead stories end up being from Mansfield? Yep. Back-to-back nights. Last night it was the investigation into the Christmas day shooting deaths of two people, and tonight it's the big dig for bodies in a backyard.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I get to make my first trek to Mansfield this week to help with news coverage of the funeral of Mansfield Police Officer Brian Evans.

Working in the Cleveland office during the holiday week is always an adventure. There's a lot of folks on vacation (including Tim White, which is why I'm up north), but the news itself never stops. At one point yesterday, two of our senior managers were at the news desk answering the phones. THAT'S how short-staffed we are.

Spent some time yesterday running down rumors that the Beacon Journal was about to close up shop, which I highly doubted but my bosses had me check it out anyway. I talked to a few newsroom sources at the ABJ who quickly dispelled the rumors. Most say the "Dec. 31st shutdown" rumor has been circulating since mid-fall and there's just no truth to it.

Many people would be surprised at the number of wild rumors we have to iron out each day, but the first time you toss one aside, it'll end up biting you in the microphone.

You should make time to read Ed Esposito's blog adventure with the Ohio Building in downtown Akron. Knowing Ed, I'm sure he was talking to himself before it was over.

Not much time to blog right now .. but I promise I'll catch up this weekend!



Buck said...

Solid job anchoring both nights. Good work. It's about the only way I get to see you since Akron news isn't seen up here.

Just guessing but is the person who was on your web-chat with the name 'spinctersack' also a videographer who eats beef jerky (a.k.a. the Pride of Ravenna)?

Eric Mansfield said...

Hi Buck ..
Thanks .. and good to hear from you as always ..
And yeah, only our favorite "mario andretti" couuld come up with a screen name like that one.
Hope all is well .. Go Browns!