Monday, December 31, 2007

Local call to duty affects us all

More than 400 Northeast Ohio Guardsmen and women will have their send-off ceremonies later this week. They're part of a group of 1,600 Buckeye Guard members headed to Iraq in the largest single call up of Ohio troops since the war began.

Scores of those families are right here in our area. I'm hopeful to bring some good news coverage to these soldiers and their families in the days to come. They'll need the entire community's help to endure the coming year.

I'm open to new, creative ideas on ways those families can find support in our community. These are real families, and many of them have kids right there in the Akron area.

So as we embrace the new year, I'm openly asking everyone, got any ideas?

For example, would your business be willing to give discounts on services to these military families? Do you have a service or idea that can help these families?

More to come ... Eric


Buck said...

Off the subject of the post but...

As 2007 closes, what do you think were the most impactful stories to Akron over the past year?

I think Goodyear's decision to stay in Akron has to be up there. Another top possible top five nomination would be the University of Akron's unveiling of plans to build a new football stadium near campus.

The worst story that came out of Akron in my mind was the arrest of Claude Brown, the former football coach at Buchtel. Truly disappointing and sad.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to have businesses offer discounts, but more on a personal level, I would be interested in "adopting" a family. Maybe I could find a similar family like mine to become friends with. Our family could help with yard work or other chores or help mom with errands and babysitting. It may help her (and the children) feel a little less lonely. Please expand on your idea and put something into motion.

I'm sure you and your family have some ideas! What do you propose?