Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hold on to your loaded guns ..

Akron Police Chief Michael Matulavich has called a news conference for Thursday at 11 a.m. "regarding the leadership of the Akron Police Department."

Whoaaaaaaaaa boy. This should be interesting.

When last we left "As the Chief Turns," Marco Sommerville had called for Matulavich to resign .. and the Chief responded by saying he still considered Marco a friend even though he was caught off guard by the City Council President's comments.

After letting Marco's comments float under the Christmas tree for a few days, Matulavich now wants his say in the matter.

What he'll say Thursday is anyone's guess, but I don't think he's calling everyone to the cop shop to share egg nog.

The last time I remember Matulavich going this route was a few years ago following a Beacon Journal story about an elderly man who claimed he was roughed up by some patrol officers outside of Chapel Hill Mall. The Beacon's story (as I recall) made light of APD's delay in giving comment, which incited Matulavich to no end.

He called a news conference to defend his department and lashed out at the paper and its beat reporter like I've never seen.

I wonder if more of the same is coming tomorrow.

One officer told me that Matulavich might haul in a life-size shot of Marco's recent mug shot for his concealed weapon arrest, but I think that's more of wild speculation than anything.

If history serves, I'd expect the chief to be surrounded by his deputy chiefs and other ranking officers .. along with FOP representatives .. who will show a wall of support for their leader.

In short, I've known Chief Matulavich to be a quiet man at times, but when he does let the fire fly, stand back or you're certainly get burned.

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