Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Operation Mayoral Name Snafu" now underway

Jamie from Akron writes: "so I just got a phone call from a young man asking me who I would be voting for in the upcoming election, Mr. Don 'Pluskweelik' or Mr. 'Findlay'? Can't they coach those kids??? I couldn't even correct him because I felt sorry for him. He seemed to be trying really hard to come up with that!"

I'm not sure which camp has a poll in the field. My instinct would be that it would have to be the mayor because Finley's camp doesn't appear to have as large of a pool of $$ to work with. I just wonder how valid the results will be if the callers are mispronouncing both candidates' names.

Anyone else get a call like that?

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Anonymous said...

I got a call last night, but it was for the congressional race. Must've been a Kucinich poll, because most of the questions were related to him. But there, too, the caller couldn't pronounce Kuchinich or any of the other names, either!

One time it was "coo-chin-ick", another time it was "kutch-in-ich".