Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Newsroom Humor

Got a press release from Mark Williamson at Akron City Hall today that reads as follows:

"Visitors to this week's Beacon Farmer's Market at Lock 3 Park in Downtown Akron will have the opportunity to get really 'stoned' this Saturday - - and not because the market is celebrating Ohio wines. In addition to offering regional wines, Ohio cheese, home-baked breads and tasty produce, the Geology Department at the University of Akron will be giving walking tours of Downtown buildings."

Only a former broadcaster would find ways like Mark does to add humor to his press releases ..

A colleague of mine shared a story from one of his former employers that's worth sharing:

He says that the General Manager at his former station once walked into a news meeting and threw a tape into the VCR of a lion attacking and eating a gazelle. After a few seconds of shocked silence, the GM looked at the evening news producer and told him, "as far as I'm concerned, you're the gazelle. I need you to be the lion." I'm told the same GM also once sent one of his producers a shattered VHS tape of the previous night's evening newscast to make the point that he thought the producer's show was terrible. Yikes!!!!

Got an email today about a fundraiser at Mocha Maiden in downtown Akron. One of the bands is named "Faces Made For Radio." That's hilarious. Just reminds me of an old David Giffels column where DG penned about his early days at the U of A Communications Department .. and how students with bad hair were sent away from TV ... and immediately redirected to print or radio. I can't find his column on-line, but if you read it, you remember it.

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