Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chrissie Hynde is a soundbite machine

I wasn't able to attend today's Chrissie Hynde's press conference today, but after watching tape of her comments, I felt like I was there.

The Akron native and lead singer of "The Pretenders" certainly wears her hometown pride on her sleeve (although today she was sporting a sleeveless white t-shirt, so just work with me people).

While her comments about wanting to open her Vegiterranean Restaurant in Akron's Northside Lofts were perfect for the evening news, other comments that didn't make the cut are still worth sharing.

For starters, Hynde reminisced about hanging out with bikers at the Glendale Cemetery .. and how as a teenager she used to get high near the tombstones. She then quipped that she'd probably be doing that again later today .. and not to tell her parents. The comments drew big laughs .. and even an awkward smile from Mayor Plusquellic, who was standing nearby.

Hynde also talked about the impact of returning to Akron 25 years ago. "When I did come back, in the late 70's and early 80's, I stood there at the corner of Main and Market and just cried." (Now, the inside story to that soundbite is that our entire news staff cracked up since our station is located at that same intersection ... and in TV, we endure a lot of crying :)

Still, in hearing Hynde's story, I have a greater respect for her song, "My City Is Gone" and what it means to Chrissie. Of course, she followed up her crying remark with "but I did make a lot of money on that song," which again drew some laughs.

There was also on odd juxtaposition when Hynde talked about killing animals for food as "indefensible" and later said her "blood" is in Akron.

Still, my favorite was the pure poet that lives inside Hynde, even when she's talking business instead of music.

"You know, there's no point in being on time, you have to be ahead of your time, but it's the people who are ahead of their time, who inspire the people who are on time, I'd like to think I'm splitting the difference somehow."

Ya know, that prose is so strong that I could write some song lyrics .. but then again, I'm sure her version would be much better.


Jill said...

Eric - thanks so much for this! I read about her restaurant in the most current issue of Inside Business (I think!) and hadn't heard about it before that.

I REALLY wanted to be either Chrissie Hynde or Pat Benatar or Joan Jett - all with Ohio ties. And back then, I barely knew where Ohio was! Very weird when I think about it now.

Anyway - thanks for the description.

Kyle said...

It is so great that she is opening this restaurant. I hope that it is a catalyst to the continued development of the north portion of downtown Akron.

For anyone interested, I am helping to organize a 5K just around the corner at the Mustill Store for next Saturday at 5:00pm. You'll be done running early enough to go grab a shower before the Hynde's concert. Information here. Proceeds to benefit the Summit County Metro Parks.

Colin Morris said...

Ditto the first half of Kyle's comment.