Thursday, July 16, 2009

Odds and Ends on a Thursday

Catching up ..

My first day back (Tuesday) ended with Mayor Plusquellic's Press Conference on the budget crisis. I wish I could be a fly on the wall as the five union leaders meet with city hall and with their members to find ways to cut. NO ONE wants layoffs this fall, but serious cuts are looming if enough dollars aren't caught. My jaw about hit the floor when the Mayor was asked how many employees need to take a buyout incentive to meet the goal. He responded with a reference to Summit County's incentive program, which netted about 130 or so .. and then said Akron needed "twice that many."

Mayor Plusquellic has agreed to be my live guest for a FOCUS segment of Channel 3, but we are still coordinating the details for his appearance in an upcoming news broadcast. Stay tuned.

I was amazed traveling west for vacation at how many giant wind turbines are out there. Hundreds and hundreds of windmills generating power in Nebraska, Iowa, etc. Why don't we see more of them here in NE Ohio?

I want to hear more about this racial hate crime involving a group of teens accosting a family in Firestone Park.

I'm looking forward to getting back to NewsNight Akron. Friday's show boasts Ed Esposito, Larry States, and Phil Trexler.

Finally, today's story still has me amazed. If the government can use a proactive virus to search my hard drive without me knowing it, what else can folks find? Check it out:

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Village Green said...

Glad you are back and actually commenting about the incident in Firestone Park. The coverage and reactions have been very weird. The ABJ not allowing comments on that story, plus city leaders saying very little. It is like everybody wishes the story would just go away, but we really need to know just what happened and why. Thanks for bringing it up on News Night Akron and keep digging.