Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Further cuts coming to First Energy

The news just keeps getting dimmer for our local electric giant.

An internal release to company employees says that more cuts will be announced next week:

"Severed employees will meet individually with their supervisors on July 28, along with representatives from Human Resources. They also will have the opportunity to talk to representatives from Right Management, the firm helping us with career transition consulting. Severed employees’ last day on the payroll will be August 27."
Don't yet know how any numbers .. or how these cuts will impact the Akron area, but the memo says the reductions come from the combining of its Finance office with its Strategic Planning and Operation folks.


Anonymous said...

FirstEnergy has 4 corporate jets worth over 60 milliom dollars! These planes rarely fly! (except for trips to Vegas) They recently bought a corporate hangar for 4 million dollars. They employ 10 pilots who work an average of 2 days per month. the level of waste is appauling. How many jobs and families could be saved by downsizing or eliminating all this dead weight?

Eric Mansfield said...

ouch! thanks for the intel .. I'll look into this as part of our future story coverage when I return to work next week ..


Anonymous said...

Please keep up your attendance on News Night Akron. Jody as the host is very nauseating.

Ted said...

I agree. Why not have Ed Esposito or someone else host in your absence?

Anonymous said...

Becasue Jody needs the work.