Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "New Homeless" aren't on street corners, so were are they?

I'm beginning a new series of stories I'm dubbing "The New Homeless".

I'm looking to feature families that have lost their homes and are now living in relatives' homes, shelters, their cars, churches, etc ... wherever they now hang their hats.

Seems everyone is chattering things like "I hear people are living in tents now .." or "Some guy and his kids are now living in a car ..." but where are these people? And who are they? And is this really happening in our area? How do we know they all didn't just take jobs out of state and move?

If you .. or a family or person you know .. fit the description of "The New Homeless" ... let me know .. and if enough people are willing to share their stories, I think we'll be able to put a real face on this issue ... instead of just another map of foreclosed homes or a list of job losses.

Drop me an e-mail ... ericmansfield@wkyc.com

Hoping you can help .. Eric

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heymaker/valkyrie.net said...

Off the subject here, but will try to make it short. I have respected your news presentation since you returned from Iraq. I like your demeanor. I have confidence in your stability, similar to Walter Cronkite. Thank you for your service.