Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carole and Monica .. two of the best!

I'm sad to say goodbye to Carole Sullivan, a great friend and colleague, who is leaving next week to follow her husband to San Diego. (Mike Sullivan left the Browns for an assistant coaching position with the Chargers)

I felt like Carole and I were really finding a "groove" in our on air roles as an anchor team .. so it's tough to let her go. More importantly, this is the bet move for Carole and her family .. so I wish her the best. I'll really miss our afternoon chats .. and how many laughs we had in the makeup area before the shows. Plus, if only the viewers could have seen how many times Carole spilled her makeup on the floor during the news each night .. hilarious!

The good news for me is that Monica Robins will take over the seat next to me beginning April 6th. Monica is as good as it gets in this business. She's a great writer and journalist .. and really knows how to tell a compelling story. Her medical stories are among the best work our station has done in years.

Monica and I have worked together for more than 10 years .. and we've actually anchored together more than Carole and me. We've always gotten along great .. and I'm really looking forward to teaming with her every night.

Monica and I are quite similar in our demeanor .. both serious journalists who wise-crack with sarcasm .. so we'll have to push one another to "lighten up" on the air. If you didn't already know it, Monica is dynamic singer ... who could walk away with American Idol if she wanted to .. so I suppose I could bring my acoustic guitar to work and we could put on a show if the news runs short some night (kidding).

I'll soon be moving my desk .. from my spot next to Carole .. to an open desk next to Monica .. so that we can work together on the 7 p.m. broadcast. The computer folks here at the station tell me that the new work station isn't wired for the work I need to do ... but .. once they go home, I have a feeling I can find a "creative" solution to those wires .. stay tuned!

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Looking forward to the new combo.