Tuesday, March 10, 2009

140+ let go at Akron General

Akron General let go of more than two percent of its work force today. I'm already getting emails and calls from stunned employees who are out of work.

Did you see this coming?

Here's an excerpt from one employee who kept a job but says staffers are calling it "Bloody Friday" even though it's Tuesday:

"Everyone is shocked, worried, and scared. We heard it was going to happen, but thought they were rumors because the date kept changing. It's not all at once. They are calling in one by one. The rumor was only part time and on call positions, but full-time employees are being laid off too.

They shut down Pastoral care and diabetes center. I've run across people laid off in housekeeping, dietary, dietitians, and maintenance too.

They are passing out papers to employees who didn't lose their job. It says: 'Unfortunately, we have come to a point where we have no choice but to reduce our staff. Today, directors and supervisors will be meeting with 142 of our employees to let them know that they will be laid off. All these employees will receive priority rehiring throughout the Akron General Health systems as opp. become avail.... more information at our upcoming town hall meeting sched to start the week of March 16th. any question please contact H.R. at 330-344-1891'

Employees who lost their job are given blue papers and sent to H.R."

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