Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Missing the Akron-Canton News ... but still busy on election night

7:05 p.m. Well, election night is off and running. This is usually the time when I'm watching local results and preparing the 10 p.m. report for the Akron-Canton area. Feels empty for the community not to have it tonight, although it's going to be such a heavy night with national results, that the loss may not be noticed by that many. I appreciate those of you who have taken the time to mention today how much you miss the ACN.

That said ..

I'll be going live outside the Akron newsroom in about 15 minutes with a look at how local college students are voting on this election day. I originally set up to go live at the Summit County Board of Elections, but as fate would have it, we had technical difficulties .. and after 45 minutes of standing in front of a camera with no one able to see me, we called "time of death" on our liveshot and returned to our studios at Main and Market.

A few stories I've heard today ..

Supporters and proponents of Issue 8 (Akron's Sewers for Scholarships program) have been doing nose-to-nose battle. I'm told that each had a vehicle out in the neighborhoods today blaring recorded messages to people on their front porches. At a polling place along Copley Road, some folks with the Save Our Sewers (S.O.S.) group had words with some folks who were handing out literature in favor of the issue.

I met a University of Akron student who showed up at the local poll with her absentee ballot -- from Lake County. She had forgotten to mail it back and wondered if she could drop it off locally. Nope. Not sure if she drove it north or not.

Didn't find any really big lines, but some folks tell me they stood for up to an hour, but most got in and out in just minutes.

OK ... gotta get in front of the camera .. more in a bit.


r.s. said...

Eric, got to the polls in Norton and no lines. A smooth and fast process here.
I have to say we had some people out front holding signs saying " vote no on issue 5". Isn't there some kind of law where you have to be a number of feet away from a polling area. I also saw this at another polling area in Barberton.
I have a daughter in China watching msnbc on her computer to get the latest. This has to be one of the most exciting presidential elections ever!

Village Green said...

I am really missing your local coverage this election cycle, Eric. Took a look at Akron News Now but nothing is up there yet.