Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Issue 8 flushing fast .. at least by absentees

8:25 p.m.

Some local early results are in .. and judging by the absentees, the Sewers-for-scholarships proposals is swirling at best.


AGAINST: 19,003 57%
FOR: 14,331 43%

Again, that's only absentees .. a long way to go .. and how great is it to see 33,000 absentees for Akron residents alone!?!??!

I'll be heading to the Issue 8 gathering downtown in a bit to get reaction, but I'm waiting a bit longer to see some more solid results.

Kudos to AkronNewsNow.com which is on top of a lot tonight. Reporters there were all over the power outages at polling places in Ellet and the need for flashlights until the power was restored. Keep it up guys.

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