Friday, November 14, 2008

"Everything you always wanted to know about Akron women but were afraid to ask"

It's a topic I've long since wanted to banter around on NewsNight Akron -- women.

Between Hillary and Sarah, the role of women in America has been a topic for discussion like never before .. but how well are women succeeding in our area?

Tonight, I offer an entire panel of women -- something that's not been done in NNA's 10+ years on the air.

Do we have enough women as business leaders? Are we doing enough to educate and motivate young women to succeed? With women holding key political seats -- including more than half of our local judges -- have we already broken the glass ceiling? Are the local colleges preparing women enough for the key future obstacles?

And .. if we're falling short .. where are we doing so?

Jody Miller, M.L. Schultze, and Judge Alison McCarty will be my guests as we talk about "everything you ever wanted to know about Akron women but were afraid to ask."

Got a question for the panel? email me at or post it here for all to see.

See ya at 9 p.m.


Chris H. said...


I was hoping for Ed in drag.

Anonymous said...

I agree...adding Ed to this show would defeat the purpose, but make it very entertaining. Good luck with the show Eric.


Eric Mansfield said...

Thanks guys .. of course, now I can't get that picture of Ed out of my head .. ughhhh ..

Ben said...

What do the two panelists (not Jody, I know what she thinks) about the way Sarah Palin was trashed by the media?

Eric Mansfield said...

You got your wish .. and I didn't really even have to mention it.
Watch tonight!


Ed Esposito said...

I was really looking forward to wearing pumps, too...good show last night. I would note that the discussion on women in the media didn't go deep enough. The ABJ's publisher is a woman, PD's editor a women, Shultze leads WKSU, three of the four Cleveland TV stations are lead by a woman news director (one of the stations has a woman GM) so I'm not sure that really came across.

There's clearly more to talk about in terms of women breaking the glass ceiling in terms of executive ranks in politics and corporate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric, Was hoping for more from the show last night. Your panelists are very successful, well-spoken women. But do any of them actually live in the city of Akron? They may live in Summit County - but perhaps you should have chosen women who not only live within the city but work in the city. I also felt that your panel of 2 media and 1 judge did not truly represent the community.
What Jodi said about the lack of women hospital executives - was very true; and there is a huge gap when you start talking racial equality in these positions.
We are a community filled with many different races - perhaps it is time to bring this issue to your table of panelists.
Love your show - but a change it is a coming - and it is time for change even on NNA. Oh - could you find a chair - your standing just doesn't make it.

Susan Celeste

Eric Mansfield said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your note ... and thanks for watching NNA.
The original panel was three journalists .. but when one canceled at the last minute, Judge McCarty became a fill-in and I thought she did great while bringing a different perspective.
While I can't speak for where each woman lives, they each have strong ties to the area .. and our discussion covered the "Greater Akron" area and not just the city proper.
The good news is that if viewers find something missing from the discussion, that tells me that it's a topic worth discussing again .. that 30 minutes just wasn't enough. And that's a good thing.
There certainly are a lot of good candidates to debate the status of women in the area, and trying to touch on business, politics, education, and social services is a lot .. so I agree that we could only scratch the surface.
As for why I'm standing, I'll pass your note along to the producers. The Akron set is still a work in progress and will soon include a digital "smart" board that will allow me to touch a screen and show pictures, videos, maps, or data. Much like CNN has done with its political coverage. That's the main reason that the host stands. I agree that right now, I look more like a gameshow host since I'm standing over three seated "contestants", but just bear with us and I think you'll like the finished project. I'm the tallest person on the show already, so I hear ya.
And Ed .. I did mention that the ABJ has a female editor .. and I did give Schultze the opportunity to talk about women in media. For that to go any deeper in our discussion would warrant us talking about what women managers mean in terms of influence of coverage and community connections, but as for employers, the media doesn't employ very many of us locally ... so I don't know that it's much of a business issue. I'm more interested in the perceived lack of women owners of new small businesses.
Still ... the topic was something new for NNA .. and that's a good thing that I hope to continue.

Jill said...

Eric, I'm sorry that I missed this show but I'm very tickled and pleased to know that you pulled it together. If there's a way for me to see the segment, would you mind providing a link?

I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to be doing next, but I am hoping to do something related to women, leadership and Ohio. So I'd really love to more about your thinking on this topic and what the panel said.

Thanks for still blogging all this.

Eric Mansfield said...

Hi Jill ..

there's a link to see it on-line ..

maybe you can be a panelist next time around :)

Anonymous said...

As a female business owner in the Akron area, I found this to be a great segment. We are not always thought of as equal.

Kelly said...

I thought it was a great program -- thanks for directing us to the archive on WRPM -- I've got it bookmarked as I tend to miss the live broadcast a lot (i know, i know -- set your tivo, Kelly).

Anyway - thought it was great program. I think like all things it takes time but hopefully we're making progress as a society on this front. I hear what Jody & Judge McCarty are saying re: balancing / tempering their message a bit -- but I would challenge whether or not it's because a 'woman' thing or just an interpersonal skill that everyone has to learn to succeed in their profession.

For the record - I'm a guy - so I may not *get* it on that front.

That said - my wife has been very successful having started in a call center 17 years ago and rising to the level of Executive Vice President before she chose to take some time off and become a bit entrepreneurial herself.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a great show, and nice to hear from a conservative WOMAN (Judge McCarty). She was the best speaker, although they all did a nice job. Why not ask the ladies what they think of our fine Mayor???? Ed, we miss you when you're not there!!! Joyce from Akron

Anonymous said...

I voted for Hilliary Clinton then voted for Sarah Palen and I am a man. I am a conservative who thougt Hilliary was the more conservative than Obama and McCain although Barack has seemed to make a sharp right turn lately. You liberals might end up learning to hate Obama like you did Hilliary.