Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alive and Kicking

OK ... so it seems I've fallen off the Internet -- at least blog-wise.

My thanks to those of you who've been stopping by over the last six days, even though I haven't printed any new content.

The newsroom has been hopping, which is part of the issue. The other is how I've been spending my free hours.

Let's just say that the "King" and I have been getting quite close. Read here for more.

I promise that I'll post more about the show, including ticket info, and I'll put up a picture so you can see that I really am playing Elvis on stage. Although tiring, it's been a great experience, and an invaluable one as far as being part of something with my son, Jacob.

I've also got some new tidbits on fake veteran Ben Terril to pass along .. and some insight into what I'm hearing about the efforts to recall Mayor Plusquellic .. as well as other changes coming in city government.

And .. when I get caught up ... I've got a real bone to pick with the U.S. government for something that I learned about on Veterans Day. I'm guessing you will be upset too.

Plus .. I'm gearing up for some new stories .. including gaining special access to a secret military asset that is made in Akron and already being used in the war zones of Iraq.

Oh .. and lots of economy stories ... and Thanksgiving stuff .. anyone know a local family that has endured tough times and might let my camera crew and I show a bit of their holiday gathering on the evening news?

So much to catch up on .. so little time ... more to come ... and in the words of my alter ego, "Thank you much."


Anonymous said...

Welcome back--you've been missed. See you on the 14th! Front and center!


Kelly Brown said...

Hey Eric,
Glad you're back...and congrats on the show -- wow -- did not know you were so versatile.

Actually, speaking of the economy - I just saw a piece on MSNBC re: 'coworking' (Nov 17) and the success it's seeing nationally. They highlight Conjunctured out of Austin, TX.

Pretty cool - because we have one in Akron (Office Space Coworking) -the first in the area - and it's seeing a lot of success as well.

With more people working out of the homes by choice - or maybe not - we're bound to see this changing the way people work.