Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today Show interview tells a LOT about the mudslinging .. .

In case you missed it this morning, Nicole Wallace (McCain's camp) and Robert Gibbs (Obama's camp) squared off in what was supposed to be a discussion about the negative ads and what both sides are really trying to convey during the last weeks of the election.

For the most part, much of it became Palin-esque .. as each side ignored Meredith and just pushed whatever attacking agenda they felt like .. with Obama's guy throwing the first piece of sludge.

This is exactly what the 300 families that lost their jobs at Archway Cookies in Ashland Monday do NOT want to hear right now. And it's what turns off undecided voters.

If nothing else .. read Wallace's body language on the last series of questions from Meredith .. and see if you think that while her mouth was saying "yes" or "maybe" .. her head shaking is clearly saying "not a chance Meredith." Take a look and tell me if you read her that way too ...

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buck said...

Palin has done more interviews than Obama?! How? When?