Thursday, October 9, 2008

Akron recruit says teacher was convincing as veteran

A local recruit weighs in on the man who wore an Army uniform and fooled her into thinking he was the real deal as a war hero.

Anyone who thought they knew Benjamin Terril is finding out there are few lines he wouldn't cross.

Here's a look at last night's followup story:

More to come .. trust me. Eric


Chris said...

This disgusts me beyond belief. It's sad that someone who kids looked up to as a mentor turns out to be a pathological liar. This reminds me of the guy who received a general discharge but was trying to bluff his way into getting a loan approved by claiming he was a medal of honor recipient. I'm just glad that the government passed the Stolen Valor Act.

Chris said...

Found the guy I was talking about:

Anonymous said...

Ben had a lot of us fooled!

P.S. What ever happened to the Akron webcast?

Eric Mansfield said...

I loved the webcast, but we haven't been able to keep up with it (obviously) because some days I'm out of the office covering one story all day long .. and with only one photographer/editor here with me, it's been a matter of manpower.
Hopefully, we'll have some more sooner than later .. but I'm glad you at least noticed the few that we did do and felt strong enough to ask about it.