Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teacher's fake resume was only the beginning

Part two of our series aired tonight ... watch it now:

Tonight .. I've spoken with some folks closer to Terril, and I'm learning that his levels of deception show no barrier he was unwilling to cross. I'm floored at what he was able to pull off even outside of his military masquerade.

One veteran told me today that he hopes others in uniform will pack the courtroom when this guy goes before a judge. We'll see what happens.

More to come .. Eric


buck said...

That is way too scary that a "teacher" threatened to shoot a student and all they got was a written reprimand.

Good work, Eric. You exposed a lot of problems on a lot of different sides with this.

Anonymous said...

I think it is even scarier that 40 students were suspended from North High School today for wearing sweatshirt with hoods, better known as hoodies. This morning's temperatures were low - perhaps they didn't have any other jackets.