Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teacher who faked military career draws variety of comments

I'm still wading through all of the voicemails and emails after last night's story. Part 1 is drawing a slew of responses .. in case you missed it, here ya go:

School leaders were shocked by our findings. Hear their reaction tonight in Part 2 on Channel 3 News at 6.


buck said...

Nice work, Eric. Great catch on the 82nd. That's something where your background really helped nail this guy.

I can't wait to see part two.

Anonymous said...

Good catch mate, I knew Terril at KSU in the 70s and wondered how long it would take someone to catch that his military story was bullsh**. He was a lying thief then and his con artist ways obviously continue. Hope the judge does not let his fraud of posing as a veteran go unpunished. Too many men and women have done their duty to have someone of this type receiving any of the respect or honor that they earned. Hope they put the bloody wanker away for years to come.