Thursday, June 19, 2008

The first document in the firing of an Akron Police Officer

OK .. after much discussion about how the process works and who-did-what and who-wrote-what in the discharging of two Akron City Police Officers, I've acquired the following document from city records. This is what started the ball rolling two months ago in the recent dismissal of Officer Christopher Seiler. He kicked a handcuffed prisoner who had been apprehended following a vandalism spree at North High School.
Now a bit closer ...

Notice the final part and signature? "I concur with his recommendation" signed Michael T. Matulavich, Chief of Police.
A similar document was filed with city hall recommending that Officer James Givens also be discharged for hitting a suspect who was cuffed.
These documents were received by Deputy Mayor James Masturzo who also recommended the officers be fired.
Under the city charter, as I understand it, before the officers can have a full hearing, their discipline must first be established. In this case, a police major, the police chief, and a deputy mayor all recommended firing. Once the mayor accepts these recommendations, the officers then can ask for a full hearing to have all of the evidence presented to the Mayor, who can either uphold or alter the discipline.
None of this is about whether I believe it or not .. or whether I like it or not. These are the facts of the process to date.
If you don't believe that this was what was intended at police headquarters, take it up with them.
If you don't think this system was fair, take it up with your councilman or someone else at city hall who can help you begin petitions to change the charter.
That's all I gots folks .. It's been a fun debate, but I'm ready to move on to other topics ..


Anonymous said...

Why didn't they give the internal investigation papers that did not recommend dismisal?

Anonymous said...

Eric, now I see why I never became a Police Officer.

Anonymous said...


You are too logical and make too much sense to be taken seriously by the blogosphere on this issue.

Your argument is airtight but many among us are too quick to call out the mayor to be confused by the facts.

Thanks for your insight and due diligence.

Anonymous said...

As a respected journalist in our community, I believe what these people are trying to tell you is that something stinks here. You can get all the documents you want & they will ONLY give you what they want you to see. You have offered a forum for people to speak their minds on these issues, please dont dismiss them & say that we need to move onto other topics. These Officer's & their families need the support of this community & keep this story out there. Time will tell what happens from here. Thank you for your efforts & explaining the City Charter or process of the system. Change is needed & its a shame that these 2 officer's have to go down before that change can take place. This story has fired people up, but I highly doubt you were ever their target.

Eric Mansfield said...

Fair enough on all points everyone ....

I'll let you know when I learn/obtain more ...


Anonymous said...

You showed Officer Seiler's document, but where is Officer Givens's document?? Did they give you his??