Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Dump The Pump" Day 4 -- It's all FREE!

Well .. I made it to work .. that's the good news ... and I did it all on the Metro bus .. although I've got to admit that it was an adventure as always ...

Here's the video of the first half of the trip including the two passengers on board.

Eventually, the "other" bus #28 showed up in the Merriman Valley and took me downtown. There was a whopping one (1) passenger on board this time. A nice man named "Will" who lives near Graham Road in the Cuyahoga Falls and works part-time at Stan Hywet. He loves the bus because it takes him to work and back.

After Will got off the bus, the driver and I chatted all the way to downtown. He told me that some of the busses overflow, others are sometimes empty. Most of the people living in the area of my route -- West Akron -- have cars and drive around town. They may not even realize that there are bus signs all over the neighborhood (I didn't). He said the "North Coast Express" busses that take riders from Akron to Cleveland for $4 each way are the best deal going and really popular right now.


Anonymous said...

That is why we need SMALLER buses. Maybe even vans.

Colin Morris said...
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Colin Morris said...

Re: Anonymous

I don't mean to imply a challenging tone, but seriously -- try riding the same route for a few weeks and you'll understand why you can't predict the ridership well enough to use smaller buses.

Re: Eric

Man, I am so sorry to hear about your frustrations trying to use public transit. The only time I've had as much consecutive trouble is when I transfer between Metro and PARTA to and from school at Kent State.

(You have Metro complaints? Try PARTA.)

Keep at it, though. You adapt quickly, and then you wonder why you didn't start relying on it sooner.