Friday, March 14, 2008

Rock-em, Sock-em politics

I've made it to page 149 .. through the cross examination and direct.

Oddly enough, my 2006 news series on WKYC-TV about Alex Arshinkoff's threatening phone call to a Hudson city leader was labeled as "exhibit 17" and was part of the packet of information that Jennifer Brunner used in her decision not to reappoint AA to the board of elections. I didn't know that.

Another WKYC-TV story is labeled "exhibit 20"; it's from 2004 and was our newsroom's account of AA's threat to revoke the Federal Exempt status of the local United Way office.

Brunner also reviewed a series of articles from the Akron Beacon Journal and Scene Magazine in developing her reasons for saying AA wasn't competent.

During re-cross, Brunner was challenged about reading other news articles that supported her denial of Brian Dailey, AA's ally, who was the last-minute selection to replace AA on the board.

Here's an interesting exchange between Brunner and Grendell, who is also a State Senator:

BRUNNER: "I was only required to state reasons why I believed that Mr. Daley would not be a competent member of the board."

GRENDELL: "So you're only required to get negative information; you have no requirement to get positive information about a recommended appointee to the board of elections; is that Correct?"

BRUNNER: "Well, that is correct. And since you're in the Senate, maybe you can remedy that."

GRENDELL: "I'll take it in the spirit that it was offered."
Can you sense how frustrated both sides are at this point in the deposition?

The subsequent pages seem to support the challenge that Brunner already had her mind made up about Dailey before she knew very much about him. If so, she'd be pre-judging someone and that's a serious no-no.

More to come ..

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