Friday, March 14, 2008

Brunner deposition reads like playground sniping

I'm still fighting through the transcript of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's deposition yesterday in the Summit County GOP BOE mess. It's tedious reading, but if you like local politics, it's a soap opera for sure.

I'll have better details once I digest it all, but here's a passage from pages 83-85 that shows the tone of the one-act play.

Cast of Characters:
Tim Grendell: Attorney for GOP/Alex Arshinkoff
Richard Coglianese: Attorney for Secretary of state

MR. COGLIANESE: Mr. Grendell, as you said, this is your deposition. We're still on the record. You haven't asked to go off.

Q. Great. Here we go. We'll make this part of record. It's Exhibit 9. Madam Secretary, Exhibit 9.

MR. COGLIANESE: Let the record reflect that Mr. Grendell just threw -- just marked an original government document with an exhibit sticker and then threw the exhibits at the Secretary of State.

MR. GRENDELL: Let the record reflect that counsel refused to make a copy. We were already sitting here going into the late evening. If you want to make the copy, we'll put the sticker on there. If not, we'll use that document.

MR. COGLIANESE: Mr. Grendell, this is -- as you said, this is your deposition. Are we on the record or off the record?

MR. GRENDELL: Counsel, we're still on the record. So you know for the record, we produced a copy of everything you requested from Mr. Arshinkoff duces tecum in a copy form, which is the normal procedure. You chose to produce the originals. If you want the originals to be part of the record, you brought that on yourself. If you would have given us a copy of those, we would have been glad to accommodate and use the copy.

MR. COGLIANESE: Again, I'm going to ask, I will be happy to get a copy made. What do you want to do?

MR. GRENDELL: We'll wait until you make the copy.

MR. COGLIANESE: Great. We're off the record while we make a copy.

Nothing like one side wanting the record to say that the other "threw" something at the Secretary of State .. and the other side making accusations that they refuse to stop and make a copy.

With 80+ pages to go, I'm convinced someone will say "your momma" before it's all over.

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Gregory said...

Grendell is also a Republican state senator from Geauga County.