Monday, March 24, 2008

No surprise ... It's Varian.

Expect the Kevin Coughlin-led "New Summit Republicans" to go with plan-A Tuesday and name local attorney Don Varian as their nominee for County GOP Chairman. The announcement will be made Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the John S. Knight Center in what the NSRs are pushing as a major political announcement.

Through a soap opera of "Dallas" proportions, Varian already scored current GOP Boss Alex Arshinkoff's seat on the Board of Elections .. so why not his seat with the party as well?

The odd thing here is that both the Coughlin and the Arshinkoff camps believe -- make that are certain -- they have the votes to put their candidate in charge of the party.

This kind of feels like a tribal council in "Survivor" when tribe members sit around the fire confident that everyone close to them has been telling the truth about how they'll vote, but when it comes to actually writing down a name, a big surprise is coming.

Think we could get Jeff Probst to come to town and snuff out the torch of the loser? Now THAT would be political TV worth watching.

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Swanny said...

Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming, so why bother to hold a press conference? Do they somehow think no news is newsworthy?