Monday, February 11, 2008

Cutts cross-examination; webchat tonight!

After a full afternoon of Bobby Cutts baring his soul, jurors are now being instructed to pack a bag tomorrow in anticipation of being sequested following the end of testimony. Join me here for webchat at 8:30 tonight!

After Cutts came clean in a pool of tears that he had killed Jessie with an accidental elbow to the head during an argument, prosecutors hit back. They began by asking Cutts if he "cried this much" when he dumped Jessie's body in the woods. Later, a prosecutor pushed Cutts' buttons asking him if he thought Jessie's fetus died when Cutts hit her with the elbow and later why little Blake thought mommy was "in the rug."

The jurors' questions to Bobby seemed to have emotional tags to them. One juror asked why Cutts didn't leave Myesha Ferrell to watch Blake while he was dumping the body.

Oddly enough, a case that some thought would take a month has instead of taken six days: five for the proesecution (including opening statements) and just one for the defense.

So what did you think of the testimony? Join me live tonight for webchat here at 8:30 p.m. Eric

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Anonymous said...

I watched about 3 hours of Cutts' testimony (don't tell my boss), both defense and prosecution. While his emotion caught me initially, I had questions about how sincere it was. Then when the prosecution took over and he had a convoluted explanation of how he hit Jessie in the throat (first she was in front of him and then, oops, oh yeah, she was behind me). I'm guessing the defense put him on the stand to "confess" to the accidental death to avoid the death penalty. It will be interesting to see if Ferrell's testimony about his "confession" to her about the choke hold carries any weight with the jury. It's been interesting. Between the streaming video and the blogs, it's been a long time since I've been as close to the edge of my seat.