Friday, December 7, 2007

Exclusive: Joseph - Behind the Scenes!

Sooner or later my two worlds would collide. I snuck a small video camera into Weathervane so that you could see what it's like back-stage and meet the cast. I've uploaded my "mock"-u-mentary in chunks on youtube at the links directly to the left of this post!

If you've already seen the show, then hopefully this will provide with a new perspective of the performances and how the magic comes to life. If you've yet to see the show, this will give you a "break-a-leg" up on the others sitting in your row. If you're still waiting to get tickets, this video is as close as you're going to get because the remaining eight shows are all sellouts .. and that include the encore performance on Dec. 22nd that sold out in 4 days. Exciting!

As a preview, my little behind-the-scenes show will introduce some of the cast members and also show you what I go through in my role. Enjoy.

Eric a.k.a. "Jacob"

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Christine said...

Hi Eric:
That was great; I really enjoyed it. I would like to see more and some of the show with you too please. I can't go to the show but it looks like a wonderful time. Thank you.