Friday, November 16, 2007

The time of my life!

Well ... I've done it now!! I'm taking the leap and performing in a local musical.

I accepted the role of Jacob in Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" playing Nov. 23rd through Dec. 15th at Weathervane Community Playhouse in the Merriman Valley. If you've ever seen the show then you know it's got great music with an inspirational story.

For those unfamiliar, Jacob has a dozen sons, and his favorite is Joseph. Jacob spoils Joseph and buys him a special coat, which makes the other brothers jealous. They plot to sell Joseph into slavery and then convince Jacob that his favorite son was killed by a goat. The show crescendos into the family reunited with a tone of forgiveness.

Honestly folks, I'm having the time of my life. I swore when I got home from Iraq that I'd take better advantage of every day of my life and push myself to broaden my experience. This certainly qualifies. My oldest son, Joshua, plays "Judah" (one of the brothers) so it's a great opportunity to have some unique father-son moments too.

The cast is dynamite with local college students Kyle Downing playing "Joseph" and Amanda Davis as "The Narrator." I really draw energy from these young men and women, who have amazing talent!

My voice and skills don't come close to the talent in this cast, but I get to play an interesting character whose emotions go from joy to grief to silliness to amazement. That's a larger range of emotion than I ever enjoy on the evening news. I also get to wear a beard and sandals .. so it'll definitely be an experience that's out of my element.

I hope some of you will bring your families and take in a show. There are 15 performances in all, and I'm told that about half of the tickets have already been sold.
You can buy tickets on-line, in-person at the Weathervane Box Office, or by calling 330-836-2626. You'll have a great time for sure.

You won't confuse me with the next Nathan Lane, but you'll definitely see a serious local news anchor smiling like never before. See ya at the show!


Anonymous said...

I am taking my Intro to Musical Theater class to see the show on Dec. 4 during the day. We are all looking forward to see it and I am even more interested now that I will recognize one of the cast members.

I have directed shows for the past 19 years at the school where I work. Joseph is one of my favorites.

Break a Leg!
Elissa Hock

Cat said...

Fantastic! Break a leg! Ah, the memories I have from Weathervane, years ago. (Chris McG., now Cat Ellen)