Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finley makes Plusquellic sweat, recounts coming for two council races

The final vote:

Plusquellic 9,765 52.79%
Finley has 8,732 47.21%

This was much closer than most of the media . . and other political experts predicted .. let the great debate begin. I, for one, am surprised it was this close .. with a voter turnout of 18,497.

Additionally, incumbent Renee Greene was defeated by Deandre Forney in Ward 4 by 4 votes! Meanwhile, incumbent Terry Albanese defeated Wayne Kartler by just 12 votes.

Both races are headed for mandatory recounts since they were decided by fewer than one percent.


sab said...

Wow. You guys on Newsnight Akron were right about the importance of turnout. Only 17,000 votes could decide this.

sab said...

What's with the new i.d. requirement? It's no big deal to me personally, but younger voters in less prosperous wards might have trouble producing an i.d. (Who has a driver's license if you can't afford a car?) I should be keeping track, but when did that appear in our law. It seems to me that the signature requirement at the polls protects the integrity of the voting, without adding an i.d. requirement on top. i grew up in the South in the sixties, so I'm hypersensitive about pointless voting requirements that discourage particular types of legitimate voters without actually protecting the integrity of the system.