Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finley contesting mayoral results, and other election notes

OK . .the dust is sort of settling now that the final votes have been released by the Summit County Board of Elections.

Don Plusquellic defeated Joe Finley by 1,033 votes .. 9,765 to 8,732 ... roughly 53 percent to 47.

Plusquellic was expected to appear at his campaign party around 8:30 p.m. but didn't appear til after 9 p.m. since the race was much closer than many expected. As a former high school quarterback at Kenmore, it wasn't surprising that Plusquellic used a football analogy to describe his victory. Claiming that OSU and Appalachian State are happy with six-point wins so why shouldn't he be too?

Meanwhile, Finley wasn't giving up hope even after the final results were in. He claims there were voting irregularities at the polls, chiefly that voters who tried to change their party affiliation in order to vote in the Democratic Primary were not permitted to do so. He also wants to ensure the provisional ballots are counted.

Facing a 1,000-vote deficit, I can't believe Finley's defiance can last for long, but it does add more drama to this growing saga.

I'll be interested to hear from Randy Hart, who was defeated as Barberton Mayor tonight by Bob Genet.

Also ... only in the Akron area can we see a new Mayor in "Norton" while a candidate named "Norton" win the mayor's race in "Green" ... all while a candidate named "Greene" loses in 4 by 4. 4 votes in ward 4 that is.

I love election night.