Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sweet 16 not so sweet in 2010

It appears Ohio will lose not one but two seats in Congress when redistricting arrives in 2010, at least according to the National Journal. Our population slide is to blame and will knock Buckeye state representation from 18 to 16.

The debate is only beginning.

Which districts should be consolidated? Which incumbents should be protected? Which party will have power in Ohio to make those choices?

Political thoughts aside, my first reaction is "here we go again!"

When last we visited "As the Congress Turns" in 2000, Akronville's long-time House Hunk, Tom Sawyer, was bumped off as his Summit County estate was divided up among three adjacent players. The evil bosses targeted Akronville as Ohio was sliced from 19 leading men to just 18.

Sawyer's comfy bachelor pad was diced up like an hor d'oeurve at Akronville's annual costume party. Sherrod Brown, Steve Latourette, and eventually Tim Ryan (none of whom even lived in Summit County) became a political love triangle as Akronville's new leading men on the DC stage.

But alas, a fresh face returned last November to add a little sizzle to Akronville's romance de jour when Betty Sutton dusted off her purple robes to seize upon Brown's departure to a higher political calling.

Will Betty have what it takes to survive? Will Ryan finally learn the secret that's haunted his past? Will a new shadow emerge to strike down all that Akronville holds true???? TUNE IN NEXT TIME ...

Humor and satire may be the best medicine for the lashing we're sure to receive in 2010. How can we lose two more seats? In a state that's already in the upper echelon of those giving of its troops in war, how can we suddenly be reduced in voting power to make war decisions?

Akron has paid a stiff price from the political redistricting of 2000. And while those outside Summit County may have had the luxury not to care or notice, all of Ohio will feel the loss if the soap opera of "sweet 16" arrives at the end of the decade.

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