Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Akron Police Auditor brings credentials

I would expect that city hall is finally ready to name Phil Young as police auditor. The announcement could come tomorrow. Young is a former state trooper and is African-American. Those who know him tell me he's a quality, stand-up guy.

As I hinted a week ago, Young recently accepted the appointment which places him in a role to review cases involving APD and the public. Other big cities have police auditors, and there are some who have been calling for one in Akron for many years.

Obviously, the timing of Young's appointment coincides with last Thursday's release of the findings in an independent investigation of the Demetrus Vinson shooting. Those are the kind of reviews Young will now inherit.

I'm still not sure what Young's official job description will look like or how the cases will be selected for review. Much of that will probably come from Mayor Plusquellic when the announcement is made official. Still, I'm hopeful that he can be given time to find a comfort zone for his role and that the community will give him the support he needs to make sound judgements.

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Anonymous said...

No Eric it coincides with the upcoming mayors race for which a incompetent dinosaur I hope loses.