Friday, April 1, 2011

Tribe Opening Day -- back to baseball and blogging

I'm back!  Just like the Tribe.
Blogging from the tribe's new social media suite along third base at Progressive Field.  Here's my seat!

I'm in here already getting ready for our pre-game show that starts at 1 p.m.  Later today, this suite will be filled with bloggers including:






@caralageson / @YelpCleveland

@dawgpndgirl / @clevelanddotcom
@craigcalcaterra / @HardballTalk

so you can find em on social media .. anyway .. more pics and more info to come! 

Stadium is not yet open to fans, but the media and stadium crews are hard at work.

As for the blog, I'm back baby! I've really missed being able to blog and weigh on the big topics .. so much of my non-on-air time has been spent on shooting, editing, facebook, and other social media .. that the blog time hasn't been there ..
anyway .. would love to hear from you throughout the day!  Go Tribe!