Monday, August 2, 2010

Tiger, Tiger burning bright .. bringing $$ to Akron day and night

I can't complain.  Getting paid to go to Firestone Country Club for the first day of World Golf Championships week isn't tough duty, although there isn't much to report on day one.  The usual story -- and the one that I was assigned today -- is to preview the week's activities while looking at the economic impact of the events.

Only in this case it's eventS .. add the "s" at the end to include the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions this weekend.  And oh yeah, LeBron James has his bike-a-thon too.

Dan Colantone from the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce estimates the financial impact to the region at $30 million.  Big bucks for a big week for sure. 

I just wonder if it wouldn't be better to have the two major events on separate weeks rather than competing for air time and restaurant seats.

I was asked about security for Tiger so I checked with the tournament. Security is always tight for the world's number one player, and I was told by both the tourney folks and APD that his traditional plan is in place.  Honestly, I don't think anyone expects there to be trouble anyway .. but as a journalist, we get paid to ask.

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