Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Facebook's impact on divorce just as messy as ever

My story on a local woman discovering her husband's second wife on Facebook plays tonight at 11, but the more I think of her case -- and others like hers -- the more I wonder if FB helps or hurts cases like this.

On one hand, it adds clarity to a spouse's actions when you can see photos of them with another person or doing something they said they weren't doing. Tough to argue you never met "that woman" when there are photos of you two kissing on a boat.

On the other hand, photos and status updates can always be debated by one or the other so it creates even more objects for debate in an often messy process.

Either way it's painful.

In tonight's story, we'll meet "Megan" and hear about how she watched helplessly from Ohio as her husband's "business trips" to Florida led to him not only meet another woman but to marry her too -- all while still married in Ohio. Wedding photos were eventually posted on Facebook and soon thereafter pictures of the Ohio's wife's two children interacting with her husband's "second" wife were added as well. Can you imagine how hard that is to see?

I spoke with the husband's Florida attorney who says the hubby is claiming a clerical technicality that makes the first wedding null and therefor he's not a bigamist. Megan says that's a crock, but we'll let the courts settle that.

In stories like these, my experience is usually that the truth is somewhere in the grey area between the two parties' stories. In this case, it's just bizarre.

Either way, it's heartbreaking to see marriages ending period. To see FB as a part of the divorce process -- either as a vehicle to temptation or after-the-fact as an evidence-gathering tool -- just adds another obstacle that keeps some folks away from FB altogether when they could be using it as a great way to stay in touch with family and friends.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad ! My heart is broken for Meagan she needs to put this " her husband" behind bars for Bigamy!!!!

Too many lives are torn apart by men like this, maybe the other women should check into her new husbands trips!!!!

Someone that cares in California

Anonymous said...

Om my God, my heart goes out to Megan!!!! And many others!!!!

isn't this is against the law?

Someone needs to help her.........


Anonymous said...

Can't the FBI get involved?
This must be iagainst the law!
It's Bigamy!!!

what about the children?..
They need help too!
You need to help!

Anonymous said...

This somment from a 25 year old woman is beyond stupid! She is a 25 yesar old womam who married a 64 year old man and thinks those boys are her's WHAT A JOKE all for money! hahahaha we are all laughing south of Cleveland!

Anonymous said...

I mispelled out of anger above apoligize! just insane and crazy!

Gregory Korte said...

Hey, USA TODAY knows a good story when we see one:

Gregory Korte said...

Ooops: Here's the link:

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