Thursday, October 22, 2009

Odds and Ends on a Thursday

Scribbles in my notes ...

Today's story about the Black Press push for major concessions -- including a 17 percent pay cut -- for Akron Beacon Journal staffers is a major shot at some hard-working journalists. How do you expect an overworked, understaffed group like their newsroom to keep up the good fight with cuts like that? How much is greed? How clear is the future of our newspaper?

I had an amazing interview Tuesday with Alex Soloweyko, the man who was trapped under the flaming gas pump in Geauga County and lived to tell about it. His faith is amazingly strong, and while he was having trouble processing what was happening, he said he thought clearly enough to pray as the flames closed in.

I fully expect that someone will soon come up with a political cartoon of Mayor Plusquellic driving down Main Street with a bumper sticker that reads "How's my driving? Call 375-2181". OK .. just trying to find some humor in what has become a real soap opera of a week. Just when I think the news in this town can't get any weirder ..

I met some good folks at a career fair at the University of Akron today .. quite a few folks who are hunting for jobs, including some who'd like a job in TV. One that stood out was a nice young student with quite a bit of "face" jewelry who told me she wants to anchor the evening news. Um .. how do I put this gently ...

If you're out and about weekday mornings from 7:55-8 a.m., you really need to flip over to WAKR and hear "Reeling in the Years." Host Ray Horner plays movie trailers and challenges Traffic reporter Ryan Haidet to guess the movie. Ryan does pretty well most days. I know there's a lot of radio fun at that hour, but I really think this one's a keeper. This week it's been all scary movies .. a few weeks back they were all combat movies. Try it .. I think you'll enjoy it.

Everyone has an opinion on LeBron staying in Cleveland .. a) he stays and b) he goes. Yet, I don't hear anyone talking about option c) LeBron exercises his one-year option to stay in Cleveland for one more season .. and (drum roll please) we get to do it all over again for another year. It's a real possibility considering that many experts say the salary cap will drop next summer and no one will be able to offer LeBron as much as he'd like .. and while I'm making sports predictions, I said on opening day that the Super Bowl this year would be the "Manning Bowl" .. with Peyton vs. Ely .. Colts vs. Giants. So far, I'm on track. Oh .. and one more .. I'd really like the Indians to hire Tony Larussa .. since it appears the Cardinals aren't showing him much love.

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