Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A return of television news to Akron .. sort of ..

Hard to believe it's been a year now since our last "Akron-Canton News" broadcast ended its seven-year run, and with this economy a traditional evening newscast for our area is a longshot at best.

Still . it's something that the area will always desire and deserve.

While the economy isn't cooperating, the opportunity for a newscast continues on-line .. and AkronNewsNow.com is taking strides to fill the void.

Lindsay McCoy, a Kent State grad and a former WKYC intern, is doing a great job with ANN's on-line news. The short broadcasts include a few news stories and even sports . .and it's all local. Lindsay is a solid young journalist who is really getting to know the area and the cast of characters that make up the Akron news scene.
Speaking from experience, filling the Akron TV news void ain't easy .. and Lindsay does almost all of it herself, including the camera, green screen, writing, editing, graphics, u name it.

Anyway .. check it out here .. and be sure to give Lindsay and ANN some feedback ..


Chris H. said...

My prediction: Success will breed imitation.

Think its funny that its a radio station that "gets" this idea.

Kudos to Ed and ANN!

Anonymous said...

I have previously passed my comment to ANN and Ed, but wonder if others feel the same way.

The first episode was about 5 minutes in length.

The past week or two has seen the videos shortened to 2-3 minutes in length.

I for one would appreciate the longer episode.

It doesn't appear to be an issue of lack of content. Perhaps it is a matter of web resources.


Anonymous said...

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