Friday, June 19, 2009

Governor Strickland approves gambling, major cuts to help with budget ..

Governor Strickland's arms are probably pretty tired. I can only imagine how many scenarios he drew up in the last 24 hours before coming up with his plan. Facing a $3.2 billion budget deficit and only two weeks from the new budget taking hold..

If you missed his 4 p.m. press conference, you can watch it here.

The big news is that he's approved extending the lottery program by adding slot machines to Ohio's racetracks .. all in a state that has knocked out casino gambling four times at the polls. He hopes the slots will raise just shy of a billion big ones in the next two years.

You think it's a good idea?

The Gov still needed to cut $2.43 billion .. so here's what he proposing:
  • 37% cut to retirement contributions for state employees
  • $200 million cut to public library funding
  • $1.1 billion cut from Medicare
  • cuts to early education, pre-school programs
  • close one youth correctional facility

A lot to consider .. a lot on the line .. thoughts?


Katie said...


My thought is WOW! That is a lot of cuts, which include cuts to things that will have a large impact on the quality of life for many people. The part that is hardest to take is the impact this will have on the youngest of our citizens. For many, and most especially those in urban areas, libraries and early education programs are their best chance to stay ahead of their peers in wealthy districts.

I still marvel at the amount of money this state has let slip away in an effort to legislate morality. I respect the Governor for taking the reins on this issue and doing what he needed to do to help close this gap in the budget.

These are hard times and hard choices have to be made. I am sure that the Governor has thought long about these cuts and sees no other alternative.

Village Green said...

Tax the rich and give to the poor!

Chris H. said...

I've never seen a man waffle more on gambling in my life.

Ed Esposito said...

Re: Chris H - spoken like a guy who just got out of Atlantic Center ahead while visiting his parents!

Amy L. Hanna said...

This is the price that the next generation pays for lack of a present backbone.

Laura said...

Please pay attention to the library funding. This will majorly impact libraries across the state and locally who have already taken a 20% cut this year.There are libraries that will actually CLOSE if this is allowed to happen. Contact your legislators please!

Anonymous said...

Well Apparently he has no problem with throwing the mentally ill out into the street and he is a minister and psychologist? Give me a break! This will have up to a 37% cut to patient care and when they come off their meds what then? I hope a fence goes up on the Y-Bridge soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way. I wonder if these clowns will cut their own pay to help take up the budget shortfall? I doubt it very much.

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